February 2, 2023

Tech Design Guide | The Awesome Shit You Should Put Your Expensive Shit In

The more technology we develop as a society, the more expensive the shit gets. So you need to protect all of these expensive purchases with some baller ass designy shit. First up we have this beautiful camera bag from incase. This bag has got you covered on soo many levels. Anyone who is a serious photographer carries about this much shit with them all the time. Incase never ceases to amaze me with their level quality and design.

You can find more specs on it here. Definitely worth its 200 dollar price tag. I am currently rocking an incase bag for my laptop and it is the best bag i’ve ever owned.
Ipads are getting more popular and popular and i feel in some ways are starting to replace those mini netbooks. So you now need to disguise that beast in style, so that homeless veteran Harold won’t break a bottle over your face for it. What better way to do it than this:

No one ever reads books anymore, so if you drop it, you’ll be able to recover that shit in no time. You can find it here. This guys will set you back $100.
If you want to get your style on while carrying your laptop and your daily tech needs, definitely go with a bag from Working Class Heroes.

The materials and the construction used is one that is designed to a T. Shit will look fire with anything you rock, even if it is your Dr. Pepper pajama pants. This guy is going to set you back 389 Euro, the price you pay for quality…
If you are rocking a new apple ipod Nano then this is one accessory that you must get. This shit is also cheap and will make you look like an instant man pimp.

This will set you back a whopping $20 and you can find it here.
Now if you are a commuter with shit you need to strap down every day, i would go with one of these Jammers from Linus.

This guys is moderately prices at 130. So protect your shit! It’ll be worth it in the long run.

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