February 8, 2023

Secret Agent Speed Boat or Not?


When you see a bad-ass piece of equipment like this you are probably thinking it is being manufactured as a prop in the next 007 flick or to take out an evil imperial force. If you thought this then you were incorrect, just like I was. This whip has been created to be used by the most boring show ever.

Whale Wars or specifically Andy Gil and the Sea Shepard crew will use this beautiful piece of machinery to stop harpoons from killing whales and capturing whale pirates! Good intentions but I hope this isn’t just a ploy to get better ratings. We all know those dudes need the help. Last time I watched the show the crew of the Sea Shepard just drove a boat for 45 minutes talking about the things they would do IF they caught up to the illegal whaling vessel. Good cause, boring show. If you wanted some specks on this piece it is 80 feet long and runs a bio-diesel engine.


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