June 6, 2023

Sale Season | NYC | Designer Clothes

Post, post Christmas sales kick ass. Retail boutiques generally have a high influx of customers before the holiday season, then things drop off. That is the time to buy. In New York City many of the high end clothing companies are having sales in their retail outlets. I saw a pair of $600 boots in Rag & Bone for $120 last weekend with the majority of their winter footwear and winter gear on sale. A.P.C., the company that makes my favorite denim, is having a sale on shirts, sweaters and outerwear. If you are looking for some new duds and live in NYC or were thinking of taking a trip, this weekend and next weekend is the time to move. Retail is ready to bring in their Spring lines so take advantage of these sales before everything gets split up between Marshalls, GUILT, ETC. Even if you only rock what you get for a few weeks before it gets warm again, you will still have dope gear for next winter at half the price. Just a tip!

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