February 4, 2023

Russian Billionaire’s Yacht with Laser Shield?

Nope, this isn’t some shit out of a new Austin Power’s flick, this is for real! The high-tech system on Eclipse, a mega-yacht measuring up to 557ft, relies on lasers to block any digital camera lenses nearby.The boat, which has reportedly more than doubled in cost to create since it was commissioned three years ago, glided out of port in Hamburg last week on its maiden voyage. On board were 150 engineers and maritime experts who will put it through its paces over 10 days. One witness described the boat as a great white castle on water.

The yacht — the fourth in Abramovich’s private fleet — drips luxury. It boasts two helipads, two swimming pools — the larger of which doubles up as a dance floor when drained — and 6ft-wide home cinema screens in all 24 guest cabins.The master suite features a retractable roof, allowing the Chelsea football club owner and his girlfriend, Daria Zukhova, a former model, to sleep under the stars.

Mindful of a rise in piracy on the high seas, the yacht has a hull and windows capable of withstanding a missile attack and a mini-submarine for emergencies. Once it leaves the Blohm + Voss German shipyard, it will be fitted with a missile defense system in France.

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