June 10, 2023

RealTouch | USB Powered Vagina


Ever want to keep your hands free and surf the net while jerking off? Tired of spilling Jergens all over your roommate’s computer? Grossed out by the local lot-lizards? Have an extra $200 and no chance of ever meeting a woman? Then the RealTouch is for you! This USB powered “vagina” was obviously designed by someone who has never seen a vagina or else they would know that there is usually a beautiful living woman attached to one. The RealTouch syncs up to special pornos so when the actress on screen is blowing the penis on screen this little dynamo starts wriggling around and makes it feel like you are getting blown too! With a huge porno library of special content for all your deviant needs the RealTouch looks like it is here to stay. (Just wait till they start dropping video games…) And if you need a good laugh watch some of the vids on their site, like “How to set up” or ” How to Clean Your RealTouch.” Wow, 2010 here we come.


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