February 2, 2023

Pointer Brand Clothing at Proletariat

It’s important to me to make and sell products that are made in America. Not only does it provide jobs for our friends and neighbors, but I think it has an impact on the way business is carried out in our country and worldwide. Since most factories are out of sight and not on American soil, anything can and will happen to make the product cheaper and thus make the company more money. But the funny thing is many American companies are willing to make less profit in order to provide jobs and a quality product. I believe we should support these guys fully and you don’t even have to pay a higher price to do so. This is why we are carrying Pointer Brand t-shirts and caps. The logos are 100% Americana, the shirts are high quality, and you can actually be proud that you are wearing an item with history. Come check it out-you will even be surprised at the low price.

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