February 2, 2023

Never Forget

Our good friend LAZAR wants all of you to watch this. It’s funny, the second you mention things like 9/11 conspiracies, people are like, I’m not watching that shit, that’s stupid. But then they smoke a blunt and watch a 24 hour Jersey Shore Marathon. I would love it if the people who refuse to watch this shit because they think it is dumb or fake, would actually watch it and just tell me what they think. At some point in our society it became ok to comment on things without reading or learning or experiencing them and that to me is one sided and stupid. If you think Bin Laden and his gang of cave-dwellers did blow up the towers, that’s great, none of us actually know the truth, but go ahead and watch this and let’s have a discussion. Because at the end of the day, nothing is fact until you have heard all sides and gathered all the evidence. And by the way, don’t smoke weed before watching this because it will fuck you up.

Combine that part of the film with the part about the Federal Reserve and maybe it will make this Proletariat design a bit more clear.

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