March 23, 2023

Must Have Christmas 2010 Gift | Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Here’s an update on our ongoing Project Natal aka Kinect coverage. The Microsoft Kinect is the Nintendo Wii on crack! (Isn’t it weird that people say “on crack” like it is something good? Crack is wack, people on crack are wacker than wack, so let’s say it’s on Ritalin! That is a much more focused high than crack) Anyways, the Kinect is a motion sensor system that you add on to your xbox. I guess the wii was seriously fucking up Microsoft’s Monopoly on all things tech. The Kinect is a little different though.

#1 it will do motion sensing games without controllers. No more Wii accidents or broken tv sets kids!
#2 it has a crazy deal with ESPN that allows you to interact with other freaks just as excited about sports as yourself.
#3 you can wave your hands to change movies and shit. this is good unless you are Italian like justin and talk with your hands more than your lips.

That’s about all I know because Microsoft DIDN’T SEND US A FREE ONE TO TEST OUT! So do some research and get back to us if it is worth buying…

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