June 10, 2023

Men’s Winter Footwear 2009

Retail $140

Every guy needs a good pair of winter boots especially if you live in the northeast. They keep your feet warm, you can stomp on things much better and they look sharp. Above you will see the Sabago Docksides – Lighthouse, a boot I personally love and wear on a regular basis. They make these in a few different colors, my favorite is the black that fades to blue the more the boot is worn. Onto more footwear.


Yuketen also makes some great winter boots. Similar to Sabago, these boots are all hand sewn and constructed from great material. If price is an issue go for Sebago, if style is the only issue then choose what you like.

Frye – Owen Crepe Moc Toe Retail: $278

Frye – Owen Crepe Tall Retail: $378

Frye makes boots, moccasins, loafers, shoes, you name the footwear, they make it and they make it well. The brand has been around for a while, my friend’s parents used to rock Frye boots back in the day and still have their original pair years later. Great quality at a decent price point.

Red Wing – 8111 Iron Ranger Retail: $270

Red Wing makes a serious work boot, in fact all of their boots are work boots. Some more fashionable than others. These things are made to last. If you take a look on Ebay you will find tons of people selling these boots used, though still in good condition, because of the quality put into each pair. These will hold up in the rain, snow, sleet, walking on nails (as long as they have a steel shank) and much more!

There are a million different types of boots out there, the important thing is that you choose a pair that is right for you. In order to make a good purchasing decision I would recommend a few things. One, do your research/look for quality over anything else, find out a little bit about the company, do they offer a warranty?, how long have they been manufacturing boots? Two, think of the weather that the boots will hold up in and consider the weather you experience in your area. Three, shop around a bit. Often if you find style of boot you like, a few other companies may make a similar cut at a lower price but with comparable quality. Gentlemen, once you make the purchase, bring your boots home and treat them so they last in the elements. A good water proofing should be done if you plan on wearing your new diggs out in the rains, snow, sleet, Etc. Hope this helps you make a great purchasing decision. Buy a good pair and they will last for years.

Another important thing to note is if you invest in a great pair of boots, they can always be resoled by your local cobbler so you aren’t stuck shelling our a couple hundred bucks every few years. You can’t do that with Nike’s!

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