December 9, 2022

Men’s Winter Boots | Under $200

Boot season is here folks. I love a well made boot as much as the next guy but the $300, $400 and $500 price tag on “quality” boots can be a bit of a turn off. I have compiled a list of boots under $200 that can easily be found online. Above are the Sebago Lighthouse boots. I have rocked a pair of these for the last two winters and they hold up great and will run you about $150. The best part about the Sebago boots is that they are made like moccasins so when the sole wears on the boots, you can simply resole them opposed to cheaper boots where the rubber sole acts as the bottom of the boot and once there is a hole, it is time to throw them out. Also worth noting, you can buy these with a black, red or blue tint. The more you wear the boots the more the colored under layer begins to show.

Another great design and great value by Sebago. The Osmore boot is perfect for those days when the weather is less than loveable but you still have to go to an event where style matters. Instead of throwing on your rubber goulashes, rock these to your next event that takes place on a blustery day.

If the weather is insane and you are dealing with sleet, rain and snow, rock a pair of these L.L. Bean Bison boots to the office. Under $200 and you will look good with dry feet.

L.L. Bean offers a cheaper alternative to Red Wings with their Men’s Katahdin Iron Works Engineer Boots. Great design and great price!

Timberland Earthkeepers are another great boot that looks good and feels good. The model above is the “Moc Boot”.

Last but not least, another pair of Earthkeepers. If you really want your boots to last make sure you treat the leather with a waterproof leather spray or go old school with the leather treatment oil and an old rag.

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