June 4, 2023

Klipsch LightSpeakers LED Lightbulbs


Tomorrow the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) opens in Las Vegas and nerds everywhere will rejoice! This is where all the latest technological innovations are shown and at least a few of these devices will end up in all of our dreams by next year. Klipsch will be showing this idea, a speaker/led lightbulb combo that screws right into a standard light socket in your home. Unfortunately it is fucking expensive. The product’s called the LightSpeaker and a bundle of two, complete with a transmitter, radio frequency remote, mini jack to RCA plug cable, lenses and trim, is set to go on sale in late January for $599. Single units will cost $250. The good news about technology though is in about a year these will be sold at CVS for $19.99. Early adopters beware!

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