December 4, 2022

KIND | Healthy Grains

KIND snacks create health focused snack food. They are best known for their KIND bars which I LOVE! They have a new product called KIND Healthy Grains. My friends at KIND were nice enough to send me a case of product along with some information. Those of you who don’t already know this, I am fairly health conscious when in comes to what I eat. I have been vegetarian for over eight years, I try to eat foods that are low in sugar, I don’t drink soda, and the list goes on and on. I was pretty excited to get to try the Healthy Grains as I am a big fan of granola but I am not a fan of the high amounts of sugar that make up granola. KIND Healthy Grains are very low in sugar, averaging about 5 grams per serving. They are vegan, 100 % gluten free, and made with 100% whole grains which shockingly, a new study has shown, 40% of Americans never eat whole grains at all. I have tried the peanut butter whole grain and the cinnamon oat clusters and they were delicious! The peanut butter flavor was not over the top so it didn’t feel like I was munching on a Reeses! The cinnamon oat clusters tasted like Cinnamon Toast crunch but without all of the sugar! I have eaten them with rice milk and dry as a quick snack. If you dig granola check out the KIND Healthy Grains, if you do not eat whole grains and hate granola also check this product out because you 1. need to eat whole grains and 2. these are very tasty!!!

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