February 9, 2023

Josh Falk x AntiDesigns Inertia Prints | TTHU Exclusive Interview

If you have lived in Boston in the past decade you have probably heard of or seen Josh Falk’s work. Josh is an incredible photographer as well as an emerging star in mixed media art. If you were lucky enough to see his piece titled Vegetative States at the Fourth Wall Project’s gallery back in ’09 then maybe these prints will look vaguely familiar to you. Falk’s Vegetative States was definitely one of the standouts of the show, drawing the viewers eye to the back of the gallery with a delicious mix of bold colors, lighting, and intimidating raw wood. He used this piece as the inspiration for the Inertia design.

We took this opportunity to talk to Falk and find out what went into to these hand-screened/spray-painted prints.

TTHU: How did this collaboration come about?
FALK: I created a t-shirt design with AntiDesigns and this image is an alteration of that. This one is for the art collectors out there.
Where did you guys do the screenprinting?
FALK: Jay LaCouture of AntiDesigns did the screenprinting. It is a multi-color print, so the layout and the inks had to be done by Jay, a true professional. I picked these particular colors because I wanted something loud and obnoxious, like being sucked into the headlights on a lonely dark road. Of course, I don’t drive, so I guess that’s how I picture headlights looking, but you get the point!
TTHU: How did you choose cardboard as the backdrop for this work?
FALK: We are always trying to come up with something different, and if we don’t need to kill a tree or skin a calf then why would we? Jay found a flat-screen television box and I rummaged through dumpsters, and next thing we know we had enough perfect stock to complete the project.
TTHU: It’s always nice to take someone’s garbage and make it beautiful. If you want to come by our office we have a half-eaten ham sandwich and some used condoms that might make for interesting canvas!
FALK: Hmmm…not sure I have enough paint to cover a condom of that girth.
TTHU: Hahaha. Touché! Are the prints signed and numbered?
FALK: Yes sir. Signed and numbered by Josh Falk.
TTHU: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?
FALK: I’m in the process of developing a new mixed-media piece that I will be sure to let you know about when it is ready.
TTHU: Sounds great. Thanks for your time. We have really enjoyed watching your work develop and grow over the past few years.
FALK: Thank you, and thanks to everyone for supporting my art.

You can see more of Josh Falk’s work here and you can buy his t-shirt or print at Anti-designs.

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