June 8, 2023


So we got the new line of matte finish Montana Black in and we are going to sell off all the old glossy cans. The deal is this, you have to buy by the 6-pack to get the deal and it is only $25 a 6-pack (which works out to like $4 a can!) There’s no limit on how much you can buy, but there is a limited supply so you better come quick! For the first couple of customers I will also throw in some bucket paint I am trying to get rid of as well, so you can roll out your wall and do it right! See you soon and get ready to experience the new paint from Montana! It’s super-vivid and easy to control. Now if you are trying to figure out how else you could spend your $25, maybe I could interest you in 3 glasses of wine?

Or how about two jars of anal bleach?

Or maybe a date in Providence?

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