February 4, 2023

Hovercraft Studio for GNU Snowboards feat. Proletariat

Personally, I think I got to live in Boston for one of the more memorable periods of my lifetime, a time when young people did big things. One of those people was Zack Teachout. When I was designing t-shirts, Zack was designing clothing lines for major companies & rappers. When I was re-designing my shop, Zack was starting his own while subsequently designing one for someone else. Zack was never braggy and always kind. Before I left Boston, Zack dropped by the shop to look through our patches for an upcoming project he was working on. At that moment he asked me if I had a patch for Proletariat and if he could get one of those too. My response was of course, and then a few months went by. Next time we talked, Zack let me know that he snuck the Proletariat Fist logo onto his latest project the 2011/2012 GNU Riders Choice denim board. He didn’t need to do it, he wanted to, and I’m thankful he did. Stay tuned for a future interview with the man behind many brands…

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