October 3, 2022

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men | Bar Supplies


A lot of girls come into the shop and have no idea what to get the men in their life. I don’t know how many women read TTHU, but I figured we would start compiling a bunch of cool ideas to add to your Christmas list, and if you see something you like you can start dropping the hint to your lady, your mom,  your granny, your lady’s granny, or your granny’s lady… This will be an ongoing series up until the big day – so if you miss one just use our handy search button at the top right corner of the blog. Every man needs a place to unwind and have a drink with friends. Here’s some cool shit to help set up a home bar.

So, let’s start big to small. You need a home bar. This could be a bookshelf, an old cart, an antique cabinet, or a purpose-built bar. Mine is a metal cabinet I picked up for $50 at Buckaroo’s Mercantile!




Now, once you have the ill bar setup you need some glassware. A decanter is a great start! Here’s a gem I found on ebay for very little money, like $50.


You also need a good cocktail book so you can wow the ladies with drinks like a Yellow Daisy! This one is vintage and was also found on ebay for less than $30.


Finally, you can always get your man a decent supply of his favorite juice. I love Crown Royal. When I used to be a valet mad rich people would drink Crown and leave it in their cup holders when I parked their car. I would sometimes take a sip. Remember that next time you valet…


Hope that helps! We will have a lot more gift ideas over the next month so stay tuned.

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