December 10, 2022

Holiday Gift Ideas |

Vaya bags are were created by environmental scientist Tia Meilinger. The bags besides being stylish are made from recycled canvases and bicycle tubes. Ranging from $80 to $100, this is not a bad price for a bag that was soundly made. Available here

Penny Skateboards brings you the old school banana board in 2011 (soon to be 2012!) for $60 here I can’t really think of a place to get a cheaper board. These have the cool 70’s flare and with a nice pair of wheels, you will be good to go!

This I-Pad Pivot Stand will allow you to be lazy anywhere! Don’t worry about holding onto that I-Pad when you can set it up like a mini I-Mac. Available here

These stylish, sustainable and safe wallets from Stewart/Stand are a great gift idea. These wallets venture away from the safe mall wallets and for $30-$50 look way nicer. Apparently they also keep your credit cards safe from digital theft. Available here

Browse around, they have a lot of very unique gifts and they aren’t even paying us to say it! (not yet at least 🙂 )

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