February 1, 2023

Helpful Valentine’s Day Ideas & Gifts

Ok, we all know Valentine’s Day is a crock of steaming turd stew, and if you are a man with a girlfriend or a wife your best hope is that you get through it with minimal crying (either your tears or her tears.) But the one thing you have to do is make sure you outdo the other guys in your lady’s life. This is war gentlemen, and you can’t let your lady’s best friend’s horny-ass-new-boyfriend make you look like a douche. So start preparing now, and not only will you look better than the other guys, but you will actually make your woman happy – and that IS the point now isn’t it. 🙂 So let’s kick this off with the fun stuff: lingerie.

At the end of the day besides looking for a companion what most of us are looking forward to is some good sex. Now, you know your girl better than I do, so you have to decide what kind of crazy shit she is going to want to wear. Even if your chick isn’t into the sexy stuff (and if that’s true I’m sorry) go out and get her some festive panties…it’s still better than her Monday Undays. And if you don’t want the fun to end check out local lingerie boutique French Dressing in Beacon Hill. They have a “Thong of the Month Club” Where a new pair of undies is mailed to your lady every month for either 6 months ($106) or a year ($204).

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