February 9, 2023

Get Drunk Like The Pros! | Bumwine.com

So the other day I was introduced to Four Lokos, aka crazy juice. This shit looks like an energy drink but scrambles your brain and makes you do stupid shit. It’s also like $2. My Four Lokos experience made me want to learn more about the fine world of Bum Wines, and luckily for all of us there is a resource that did the hard drinking labor so we don’t have to. It’s called Bumwine.com.

If you are low on cash and high on expectations then grab yourself some Cisco, Mad Dog 20/20, Thunderbird, or Night Train. I for one can’t even drink a Mike’s Hard Lemonade without gagging so you are gonna have to try these pieces of shit for yourself and report back to me. And if you end up in a gutter in a pile of your own feces, I apologize now for introducing you to the new hip hobo lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “Get Drunk Like The Pros! | Bumwine.com

  1. after two 4lokos i fucked my friends ex girlfriend and passed out on a park bench..

    that shit fucks u up mad

  2. I just had a loco the other night and puked on some fat chicks then listened to the whole thriller album and slept in some hobos house but then he kicked my ass out cuz I pissed myself on his cardboard mattress. My first for loco experience

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