May 29, 2023

Fix Up, Look Sharp: September 2012 Style

The season is turning and it’s time to update your wardrobe accordingly.  Layering always works when the temperature drops, but it’s more fun to buy some new duds, right?  Maybe it’s the whole back to school thing.  Or maybe your money is just burning a hole in your pocket to keep you warm.  Either way, here are my picks for this September. 


  • Backpack, $40 (Herschel Supply at Karmaloop).  This bag is relatively small but still fits a sweatshirt, a few books, and apples for your teacher.  It’s a really good size for foliage daytrips (or something, I don’t know what the fuck people do besides the Internet).  The lining is an unexpected red paisley, which may or may not be an homage to the old hanky-on-a-stick rig, the original backpack.
  • Rag socks, 2 pairs for $15.16 (LL Bean). I grew up in Maine and we kids weren’t allowed to touch the thermostat.  My parents’ stock response to “I’m cold!” was “Put a goddamn sweater on!!!” Socks work, too, and I swear by these.  They double as slippers.
  • Thermos, $33. This brushed stainless steel Thermos is a classic- you’ll have it forever.  Just don’t forget to clean it out after each use (trust me, the finest musks of Arabia won’t cover up the acrid aroma of rancid hot chocolate). 
  • Camo Jacket, $69 (All-Son, available at Urban Outfitters). I’ve got a soft spot for camo- it’s so redneck chic.  This one has a built in hoodie, so no need to bring a hat.
  • Digital Watch, $24.95 (Casio). I’m digging pops of color lately; this would look great with an all-black ensemble.  You can wear this red little number straight through December, when you can use it as part of your Sexy Santa getup.
  • Vetyverio Eau De Toilette, $88 for 50 mL (Diptyque). The eponymous Parisian candlemaker recently released a line of fragrances.  This one is spicy, a bit dirty, heady, and undeniably sexy.

Bonus: each of the above pieces works for both boys and girls.  Indeed, when you shack up with your special friend on those cold nights you’re not only saving heat, hot water, and blankets, but you’ve also got another closet to raid.  Unisexy.

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