March 23, 2023 | Religion is Garbage Skate Decks

Wow, some brands tow the line on potentially offensive statements and other brands rape you and then strangle you with that same line. Eshe is a skateboard brand out of New Zealand that wants to challenge everyone’s thoughts on religion. (and yet for some reason their embassy remains untouched) I will warn you, if you align yourself with any major religion and think you might get offended just don’t look at these. Why torture yourself. 4 of these designs are the latest in Eshe’s “Religion is Garbage series.” You can buy them online from Eshe Skateboards.

2 thoughts on “ | Religion is Garbage Skate Decks

  1. This page and the content of it’s administrator’s skull is absolute garbage. if religion is what you say it is, then how do you describe yourselves?

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