December 5, 2022

DXG-125vr rugged HD camcorder under $100!

I’m a camera junkie. I use and abuse my camera daily, and technology is moving so fast now there is always something newer or better or cheaper coming out to entice me. Here’s one for all you snowboarders and skaters out there who break cellphones, ipods, and bones on the daily.

DXG Technology comes back with its new high definition all-weather camcorder in the form of the DXG-125VR. Made of a sturdy rubber case, this rugged camcorder can withstand bumps and drops, and has the capability to capture both full 1280 x 720 resolution HD video at 30fps as well as 3-megapixel digital still images. For $99, this seems like a great camera that should last you through all your spills.

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