March 23, 2023

CES 2012 – Sony Bloggie Live – WiFi Enabled Live-streaming Camcorder!

The revolution will be televised! This goes out to all my people in the Occupy Movement. For $250, this 1080p HD camcorder can broadcast a live feed over the net to anywhere in the world. Imagine the next protest where 50 people have these tethered to their Android phones. UNFUCKINGSTOPPABLE!

The Bloggie Live has 8gigs of memory and shoots 1080p HD video. It has an exterior LED light for low light situations and a flip out USB arm for charging or uploading, but the key here is the fact that you can stream wirelessly as long as you have a wifi connection.

Here’s another Bloggie Live in action from across the room. Pretty cool stuff.

Learn more about the Sony Bloggie Live here!

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