December 10, 2022

CES 2012 – LG – 3D TV Dual Play Fullscreen & Cloud Gaming

hahaha, I know a lot of you will read this title and be like what the fuck does that even mean? Let me tell you THIS Jerry! LG totally fucking killed it this year. I used to think, what’s the deal with buying name brand electronics? I love my Dynex and Insignia flat screens. They are super cheap, and look great! But, they don’t have these features. LG offers a 3dTV for gamers that allows two players to play each other on one screen and yet they can’t see each other’s moves on the same screen. (watch the video for an explanation) LG also debuted their cloud gaming service. This is for the lighter gamers out there and would allow you to play some dope video games without an xBox or Wii, all through the LG tv.

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