December 9, 2022

CES 2012 – Best of Samsung – The Return of the Vacuum Tube

CES is a massive, massive tradeshow. It’s in the Las Vegas Convention Center which is 3.2 Million square feet. Think of it this way. It’s the size of 18 Wal-Mart Supercenter’s and then it is cut up into thousands of smaller booths and hallways. The Samsung exhibit reminded me of just how big this building is. Samsung’s booth had walls and a ceiling and was at leas the size of a Best Buy. After being in there for about 45 minutes I asked someone how to get back into the convention center and after a confused look they said you’re in it. Anyways, here’s the best of what Samsung has to offer for 2012.

Samsung has always made great TVs and the new Super OLED Sensation is just that! It’s beautiful on the outside and the picture quality is better better than real life!

Just look at how thin these things are!

One thing that surprised me to see in this modern era is a major tech company bringing BACK old technology! The return of the vacuum tubes is a beautiful thing. If any of you have ever played an old guitar amp you know what I mean.

Another cool thing Samsung has invented is Internet Content Enhancement. This is a feature on their new displays that processes your shitty skype signal and smoothes it out and colors it and relights it so it looks more HD and doesn’t have huge square pixels everywhere!

Finally, for those of you who don’t want a regular iphone photo sent to your facebook, Samsung is allowing you to hook up their digital cameras to your cell phone so you can “always be connected everywhere blah blah blah”

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