January 28, 2023

Boston from Montague | Folding Fixed Gear

Montague has come out with an awesome folding fixed gear entitled “Boston”. The idea behind the bike is that many city dwellers are stuck in small apartments with no where safe to keep their wheels. Problem solved! This isn’t as fancy as many of the mid level to high end bikes but it will definitely get the job done and would be a great entry level bike.

Bike-wise, it has Alex rims and a flip-flop hub which slides into track-ends, not drop-outs. The gearing comes in a very city friendly 42 x 16 Suntour crank-set with one of those useless integrated chain guards that don’t protect your jeans. Front and back brakes come fitted. Even the price is a surprising $700. That’s less than a new Bianchi Pista. [More @ Wired]

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