June 10, 2023

Apple launches the Ipad aka the Giant Iphone


Steve Jobs preached to his congregation today about his newest revelation, the Ipad. Aimed at tablet pc’s as well as the Amazon Kindle, this $499 device does everything your iPhone does but bigger. It’s definitely a cool looking device, but as my friend Justin so wisely said, it looks like they cut a Macbook Air in half since it wasn’t selling that well.

It seems pretty obvious that there is going to be a war between Amazon and Apple and for some reason they think it will be over e-readers. Last I checked no one under 30 reads anymore so I don’t know why they are wasting so much time on this 🙂



Apple is already marketing some accessories as well, including this nice docking station so you can use a real keyboard if you prefer.


This is not the new Ipad…but in about 3 years it will be worth as much.



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