March 21, 2023

Amazing Gift Ideas from myplasticheart NYC

There are still a few days left to get some gifts with a Thatstthehookup coupon code (HOOKITUP) from myplasticheart!

Who doesn’t want a pink action figure from the gay empire?

Here’s a dope little pigeon with some plastic pigeon poop from Staple Design!

I know you know someone who loves Mickey, and I am pretty sure they’ve never seen one of these!

Zipper pulls are a dope way to make your boring blank hoody a little more exciting!

For the artist in your family, get them a Nade head! They can paint it anyway they want.

Honestly there are hundreds more awesome products but I’m not gonna do all the work for you! Check out myplasticheart and use this coupon code compliments of us to get something you like!

10% off with Coupon Code (HOOKITUP)

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