March 25, 2023

Addicting Simulator Games for iPhone | Island Exotic, Rock Vegas, Drag Race

By now you must know two things about me. I like video games, and I like free stuff. Here are three free games for the iphone (and probably the Android) that I have enjoyed for the better part of a month now. The first one is Drag Race. It is a total time consumer if you like cars. You will find yourself saying, ok, I will only race one more time…and 30 minutes later you are still tapping away at your phone.

The game works like this. You start out with a stock car and you drag race either the computer or other online players. There is a hot pixelated chick who waves the flag and you are off! You have to watch your tachometer and shift when the light hits blue or green. You keep upshifting until the race is over. As you win, you get money and you can go to the garage where you an add all kinds of upgrades to your whip like Nitrous, exhaust, racing tires, etc. Then you keep racing, winning, and buying new rides. Very simple, definitely doubles your bathroom time.

The other two games for me started out as games I checked a few times a day and now I find myself “maintaining” them. They are Rock Vegas and Island Exotic. In these games you are given a certain amount of money to start out with and a little plot of land. Rock Vegas is obviously Las Vegas and your point is to build a one of a kind vacation destination. You have to constantly balance power and facilities as well as create roads and housing and industry. This is like a dumbed down version of Sim City, but in my opinion it is more fun because it isn’t as hard. You can upgrade properties and collect rent, and when you want to build new stuff you can buy more land or bulldoze what you have and start over. I found that the first time around I wanted to maximize my profits and I ended up building a Sim-Houston, aka, an ugly ass town that no one wants to live in. Now, I have a beautiful, green, wind and solar-powered hipster mecca where you can still gamble and bang hookers.

Finally, Island Exotic is really just Rock City except you run an Island Resort. It has a great themesong and I downloaded it when it was snowing every fucking day and just needed to stare at a warm digital place.

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