February 1, 2023

5 Christmas & Hanukka Gifts Under $50 for the Amateur Photographer

The holidaze are upon us, at least that is what we are told by every store since July. We here at TTHU want to help you spend that hard earned cash on some stuff that people will actually like! Please don’t buy people any of that crap by the escalators in the Men’s department at Macy’s. No one wants a shoe polisher or a desktop mini-golf set. If they do want that buy them a gun with one bullet in it, they will thank you. Here are some great gift ideas for the Amateur photographer…

Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses- $49 or $20-$25 each.

Iphones are getting better and better cameras these days and many people are opting to leave their point and shoot at home. Give your friend a pocket-full of sweet lenses to take drunk photos of themselves peeing with the ultimate accuracy.

Hey man, are you a photographer? “No asshole, I just drink my coffee out of a giant repurposed lens. OF COURSE I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER WHO ELSE WOULD BUY THIS THING!!!!” If this sums up your loved one, get him or her the mug that keeps on giving…

Nikon Camera Lens Mugs $30

USB Film Roll $20

Shit, I used to use this stuff and even I was like what is that supposed to be? Oh yeah! It’s film! Well, not really it’s a usb drive to hold all of your digital photos! NEAT! I can’t wait for you to buy this for someone and then for them to lose it and then for me to find it. That will be great!

The Super-Secret Spy Lens! $50 and up

This lens is awesome! What a great way to take pictures of cops before they mace your grandma!

Watch the video on it here!

Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs $30/$40

This is a perfect gift. It’s one of those things that no one wants to spend their own money on, but it will be something that they will thank you for every single day. Key commands are the fastest way to work in most programs, but they are so damn hard to remember at first. This will help your digital editor learn quickly and just in case they are high, they can always hunt and peck.

Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs

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