June 8, 2023

5 Christmas & Hanukka Gifts For The iPhone Lover

Koostick Mini Koo Iphone Speaker $70

For someone who has it all, the wooden iPhone acoustic speaker. You can pick your finish, and while the sound might not be the best, it adds sort of a vintage vinyl sound to all of your mp3s.

MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Pocket Projector

Next up we have the SHOWWX from Microvision ($279). This is a pocket sized pico projector that hooks up to your iphone or itouch or ipad, plus a million other items. Imagine laying in bed and streaming a video to your ceiling just like that. Heaven.

That dude’s choice of video and heavy breathing were a bit disturbing…

Sunny is Power Travel Charger ($36)

Never have to carry a power cord around with you again and be good to the environment? WIN WIN! Extra bonus for not having to buy international plug adaptors! This little guy is kind of turtle-ish. He’s green, he’s slow (couple of hours to recharge) and he’s cute.

Container Store Plug-In Charging Shelf ($14.99)

Man, my wife needs one of these bad. At least once a week I get up in a daze, stumble through the darkness, and kick her cord which sends her iphone flying through the room like a $700 chinese star. Definitely a shitty way to wake up, but always good for a laugh.

The Iphone Telephoto Lens, Tripod, and Case pack. $35

This one goes down in the crazy category, but it is cheap and kind of cool

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