June 8, 2023

3 Restaurant Chains you’ve never heard of | Five Guys Burgers, Mellow Mushroom, Bojangles

Driving South from Boston you will start seeing Five Guys Burgers…AND YOU WILL NEVER STOP! You see more of these then Subway and McDonald’s combined….or so it seems. I haven’t eaten here yet because we are trying to support local business everywhere we go, but dammit if I haven’t been tempted! Five Guys has been around since 1986 and it looks like it is just beginning to steam ahead. If you are tempted there is one in the Dedham Mall near Boston and if you live in NYC they are already all over and if you are in Austin there’s one on Guadalupe…

Next up we have the Mellow Mushroom! I haven’t eaten here either, mainly because of my dairy allergy, but they do offer soy cheese so maybe I will try it after all. I prefer goat cheese on my pizza but beggars can’t be choosers…oh wait YES WE CAN! Anyways, if you like drugs and pizza then this place was created for you! Their pizzas have hippie names and their bar serves the finest local brews as well as microbrews and craft beers from around the country. This place kills it in college towns across the South!

Finally we have Bojangles! Bojangles seems to be the same thing as Popeye’s and once again I haven’t eaten here either! Some restaurant reviewer huh? Dude writes up shit and hasn’t tried any of it. Oh well. Bojangles claims everything is made from scratch so maybe it tastes a little fresher than Popeye’s but I don’t know. Their website is so businessy talking about “opportunity to develop a quick service restaurant chain” and “new items such as Chicken Supremes™ have been added in response to industry trends” that I have to wonder if they even care about the food at all…

4 thoughts on “3 Restaurant Chains you’ve never heard of | Five Guys Burgers, Mellow Mushroom, Bojangles

  1. I went to school in DC for two years, and hands down what I miss most about that city is Five Guys. Seriously. Shit is delicious.

  2. I have since eaten at the Mellow Mushroom and 5 Guys. The Mellow Mushroom was fresh and fun, but I have had better pizza. In their defense as a lactard, pizza rarely tastes good cheeseless so maybe they can look out for the nearly 75% of the world that is lactose intolerant and get some motherfucking goat cheese up in that bitch!!!!

    As for 5 guys it was definitely good, probably your best bet in the fast food world but it’s no better than Uburger in my mind.

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