May 28, 2023

2012 Gift Guides: Extravagant Shit

I know it’s not even December yet, but it’s also not Halloween or Thanksgiving anymore so I WILL start posting gift guides!

Here’s a collection of over-the-top gifts for the special anyone in your life.  Because the more money you spend, the more you love them. Kidding. Maybe.


1. Giant gummy bear, $29.95. 5 lbs, 10″, bigger than a football. Buy this for your nephew and maybe your car won’t get paintballed at Christmas this year.

2.  Cashmere blanket, $168. This super-soft throw is warm, snuggly, and the epitome of luxury. Girls are always cold, so wrap your ladyfriend in cashmere and spoon the shit out of her.

3. Diptque candle, $60. These eponymous Parisian candles cost a pretty penny but are absolutely worth it. This one smells heavenly- “dry lands where cistus and everlasting flower dominate in an explosion of woody aromas”- and is beloved by both women and men. It would make a great host/ess gift for whoever you’re staying with over the holidays.

4. Crosley turntable, $300. This bad boy plays not only records but also CDs, cassettes, iPods, and AM/FM radio. It’s a gorgeous piece that’ll make a nice update for your dad’s original record player.

5. Build your own bike, price varies. A couture Republic for your girlfriend, because nothing is more romantic than a couples bike ride. If only they made tandems…

6. Classic Penguin books, $16-$30. No matter if you give one or a dozen, these books will make a beautiful addition to anyone’s bookshelf or coffee table. Give your roommate their favorite book so they stop bringing yours into the bathroom.

7. Fancy movie tickets, price varies. Luxury movie theaters are popping up all over the country: try Cinepolis in CA or Cinema de Lux in MA. These theaters offer comfy chairs, dinner, and even drinks. Your mom will get all teary when you offer to take her on a date to some tearjerker mom movie (I don’t know).


What’s the most luxurious gift you’ve ever received?

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