May 28, 2023

12 Millionaire Cars on a Manager Budget | Jaguar XK8 (1996-2006)

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For whatever reason you aren’t a millionaire. Could be by choice, could be by circumstance, but you do have a job and you need a dope whip to celebrate. I’ve put together a list of cars that will ALWAYS stand out at the valet stand and the beauty of this list is they range from $10,000 to $30,000… Even if you manage a Taco Bell you can afford one of these and you will have your co-workers thinking you sling endo on the side to afford such a dope whip. We will go in order of price, lowest to highest and this will be the first ride in a 12-part series here

The first car on the list is the Jaguar XK8 (1996-2006 going rate $10,000 and up.) As a former valet and lifelong car-enthusiast, there’s nothing like a Jaguar. I rented an XJ8 as my honeymoon vehicle with my wife for the power and comfort as well as the subtle sophistication and luxury. (This all came in handy on the way to the airport when we stopped at McDonald’s for some fries and a coke and then whipped shitties in the parking lot before quietly returning it to Budget.) Anyways, back to the Jag. The XK8 exudes wealth. Things you will definitely notice in this car are the seats and carpet. Jaguar carpet feels 12 inches deep. It’s so nice you want to take your shoes off before getting into the car, not because you are afraid of staining it, but because it will feel like walking on sunshine. Then you sit on the seats. Once again, this is not like your Mom’s Accord. The seats are overstuffed and firm, but completely supportive. You are surrounded by 1,000 cows worth of leather and you can’t hear shit (in the coupe version) because the car is fully insulated from the pesky beggars asking you for change (as if you carry coins). Then you stare at the ocean of burled wood in front of you surrounding pretty gauges and the signature J-gate shifter. There aren’t as many gadgets and techy items in the XK8 as some of the other cars and that’s because Jaguar owners are the kind of people who have people. They don’t need cell-phones, they have a secretary. They don’t need an MP3 player…it will never compare to a live symphony performance. They just want a car to get them from point A to B in a classic conservative style and the XK8 is just that. Luckily for you Jaguar rarely changed their body styles so a 1996 XK8 looks pretty identical to the untrained eye to the same model 10 years later in 2006.

The XK8 isn’t the fastest car in the bunch and it will probably be a maintenance challenge to say it best, so keep that in mind if you drop a dime on one, but you are getting a steal of a deal for a car that sold for $70,000 brand new. This is our entry level ride on Millionaire Cars on a Manager Budget, so if the Jaguar isn’t your style or is a little less than you want to spend, stay tuned for another car once piloted by James Bond.

1996 Jaguar XK8
4.0 Liter Aluminum V8 Engine
290 Horsepower
0-60 mph 7.0 seconds
mpg 17 city, 24 highway

original price: $70,000+
current price: $10,000+

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