March 25, 2023

12 Millionaire Cars On A Manager Budget | Acura NSX

Photos don’t really do this car justice, but when you see one of these on the road you can’t help but look and ask your friend, “What the fuck was that?” The Acura NSX was released in 1991 and was touted as a daily-driveable supercar. Since it’s essentially a Honda, you know it will run forever, and it doesn’t come with the quarterly maintenance of a Ferrari which runs you about $15,000 each trip to the mechanic. Also, with all of the Fast & the Furious hype you can now get superchargers, wide body kits, short-throw shifter, etc. etc. to maximize the performance of this whip. How much will one of these beasts cost you? $25,000 and up. I don’t see this car dropping in price too much more than that so it could be a car you could drive for a year and resell for the same price you paid.

3.0 V6 — 270HP — 0-60 mph 5.2 sec — top speed 168 mph

This car has some infamous scenes in Pulp Fiction as Harvey Keitel’s ride. 1:50 and 12:50

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