June 10, 2023


Men’s Stormy Kromer MACKINAW Wool Cap RED

We have some really excellent weekly posts here at Thatsthehookup, such as Worth Watching Wednesdays, and Flickr Friday and I decided it was high time I threw my hat in the ring. My brand, Proletariat, is celebrating its 9th year of making our clothing in the USA, which is quite a feat in the streetwear industry, but we are little babies compared to many old school American companies. So my aim is this, to bring you a company a week that is still making their products in the USA.

This week’s brand is Stormy Kromer. Stormy Kromer was born in 1876 in Wisconsin. He spent his early years playing baseball and after meeting his wife he became a railroad engineer to pay the bills. Since he spent much of his time sticking his head out of the window and therefore losing his hats, Stormy and his wife Ida took a regular baseball cap and modified it to resist the wind. Thus the Stormy Kromer cap was born. In 2001, the Kromer Cap Company was going to discontinue this iconic cap, but Bob Jacquart, an American Manufacturer bought the design, re-marketed it, and not only saved the cap but increased sales 20-fold!

Stormy Kromer makes a bunch of different products now, all in the USA. These items are built to last and since they have been selling the same styles for decades you know they will always be in style.

Men’s Stormy Kromer MACKINAW Button Down Wool Jacket

Men’s Stormy Kromer Wool KROMER JACK Long Sleeve Shirt

Stormy Kromer Wool Beer Can Cozy

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