March 27, 2023

Shrinking Closet II

Again, I put a strain on my studio apartment and add more shoes to the collection. Spring is upon us and Summer is right around the corner and you have to constantly step up your shoe game!

So this go around we have the Air Franklin Wingtip in a “Hibiscus Suede” upper with what only I can describe as a Highlighter Yellow rubber outsole.

Quality crafted shoe mixed loud colors will always turn heads

Next up we have the Nike ACG Lunar Vengeance. Gifted from the busiest man on earth Kenji. These are the perfect mix of fit, design, and color.

This color way is in a “Light Bone and Light Bone Chilling Red”. Perfect for pounding down some brews while looking dope as shit in the summertime.

Love the different lace, gives a nice little touch that will also turn heads. As always, this segment will only grow with new jammers.


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