June 8, 2023

Must Have Suitjamas, Snuggies, Boyfriend Pillows

You never know what could happen in the middle of the night. You could have a fire, you could sleep late and win the Publisher’s Clearinghouse, or that chick you have been stalking on Facebook could videochat booty call you at 3AM! So you need to always be prepared and look your best…and that’s where suitjamas come in to play. Yep, they are pajamas that are wildly comfortable yet super dapper and no one will complain when grinding on your 100% silk Suitjamas.

Man, this is a sad photo. haha I can see this guy coming home from his middle management job in the suburbs and he can’t wait to sit in his beige apartment and watch The Dark Night in his Batman Snuggie. This snuggie makes a great outfit to hang yourself in…

As if Batman wasn’t sad enough, here we have this single woman coming home to her Boyfriend Body Pillow. What I love about the boyfriend pillow is it is still copping a feel even though it is an inanimate object.

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