December 7, 2022

10 Great Sneakers Under $100

Take whatever is left over from your holiday shopping and get yourself something nice from this list.

I can appreciate a nice pair of sneakers, but I’m not what many would consider a “sneakerhead”. I like to wear the kicks I buy. Yes, I do have a couple coveted gems in my closet, but they only receive marginally better treatment. I avoid shelling out obscene amounts of cash for overhyped sneakers “retro’d”  for the 109435th time. However, these days the price for a decent pair of everyday kicks can often be in excess of 150 bucks. $100 tends to be the uppermost limit of what many consider getting a nice deal on footwear. Below is a list of some of the better sneakers you will find at this price point.


Converse The Jack Purcell LTT Sneaker in Safari – $70

Simple shell toe Cons with a desert duck camo upper. Available here.


Gourment Footwear Quadici
Gourment Footwear Quadici Navy/Papyrus – $96

The Quadici is one of Gourmet’s most popular models. This particular color way is on sale so sizes are limited. The duck boot/running shoe hybrid design makes this a great everyday winter shoe. Available at their online store.


adidas Originals Gazelle
adidas Originals Gazelle – $65

I love these because they remind me of growing up playing soccer. The Sambas were the go to soccer “lifestyle” shoe of my childhood, but Gazelles showed your affiliation to the sport with making you look like a herb. Several color ways available here.


Nike Lunar Safari Fuse – $97.87

While there was a fair bit of hype around the Lunar Fuse Safari, it appears Nike over produced these runners. This sale item just creeps under the $100 limit, but with a Nike+ chip in the soles, these turn out to be a nice find. Available straight from the source here.


Nike Roshe Run Trail – $85

After the ridiculously comfortable Roshe Run caused a buzz this Summer (another shoe at a good price point), Nike took the cue and made a trail model that supposedly is worth $15 more than its predecessor. Still, the Roshe Run Trail proves to be a great shoe that is very comfortable and hard not keep in your weekly rotation. Available here.


The RAW Habitat Lark Exolyte Mid Black And Gum – $66

RAW might as well be the official skate brand of Boston. In a joint effort with Habitat, they have created a sleek and comfortable performance skate shoe. The price point makes these accessible to younger skaters with too much pride to ask Mom and Dad for an advance on their allowance. You can get these from the RAW online store.


Reebok Classic Leather Vintage – $95

Despite their recent marketing blunders, I am still a Reebok fan. Their contemporary stuff has been all over the place recently, but their classics are among the best. This model comes from a time when ‘Boks were followees rather than followers. You can even customize your own pair on their site. Available here.


Ex-O-Fit Plus Hi – $85

Another classic Reebok model. It’s metal lace loops kind of make it look like a hiking boot. Also, it’s hard to go wrong with gum soles. You can buy them here.


Supra Wrap Up “Wino” – $75

I was heavy into Supras in 2007, but their brightly colored high-tops became too much for me as I grew older . They are just burning a hole in my closet now. These Wrap Up’s, however, are more subtle and should better withstand the test of time. Coppable here.


Supra Assault “Alpine” – $80

As I mentioned earlier, Supra seems to have gotten the hang of subtlety. This color way of the Assault works as a great everyday shoe. Also at Supra’s online store.


Some of you may have pulled a Scrooge McGrinch this year and not gotten any gifts for anyone. If you did this and happened to save a few bucks, you may want to consider getting every shoe on this list for $805. No? Yeah, me neither.

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