June 8, 2023

Little Baby’s Ice Cream : Philadelphia- “Ice Cream is a Feeling”

While in Philadelphia over the weekend, I was introduced to one of Philadelphia’s newest culinary crazes through their insanely creepy marketing campaign. After watching the video, I had no choice but to check out this product. Little Baby’s Ice Cream specializes in hand-made, small batch ice creams with unique flavor combinations. They also offer  non-dairy and Vegan options into their assortment. They source all their dairy from a local creamery and manufacture all their products in Philadelphia as well, so you are guaranteed a fresh and unique product and experience.

What started out as a small business venture between three friends with one customized trike called “The Flavor Blaster”, has now become a city-wide phenomena with a fleet of 4 mobile operations, a few pop-up shop style locations around the city and now the Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters, a flagship store located at 2311 Frankford Ave. in East Kensington, which is attached to the forthcoming Pizza Brain pizzeria and museum.

If you are ever in the City of Brotherly Love, make sure to stop by any one of the numerous shops and treat yourself to some of these amazing flavors of ice cream. The Earl Grey Siracha is every hipsters dream. There is nothing else like it in the world!




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