November 25, 2022

Weird Beer Weekend

Daylight Savings is upon us and I decided to spend my extra hour this weekend drinking beer.  I stopped by Mr. G’s Deli in Plano, TX and picked up a selection of beers that are hard to find in DFW.  Here’s my quick take on each of the beers I tried.  See below if you should add them to your next Weird Beer Weekend shopping list.

Sixpoint Brewery Bengali Tiger
Sixpoint is just now getting distribution in DFW, so it’s new to me, but probably familiar to most of you Yanks.  The packaging is pretty killer and that’s the main reason picked it up off the shelf.  If nothing else, these guys know a few things about design and that goes a long way with me.  As I tasted it, I was happy to see the beer live up to the promise of the packaging.  In an over hopped IPA world, this beer is surprisingly balanced and easy to drink – maybe too easy to drink.  My personal preference in any IPA is a more hop-forward approach, but with Bengali Tiger, Sixpoint made a crowd pleasing IPA that is absolutely delicious.

Big Eddy Imperial India Pale Ale
I didn’t know much about Leinenkugel Brewing Company and had never heard of Big Eddy, but I figured it was worth a shot.  I love the Imperial IPA style and I recently had a chance to try Russian River’s Pliny the Elder (arguable the best craft beer around) on draught and it made my head explode.  It lived up to the hype – it was amazing.  My biggest issue with Big Eddy, considering my recent experience with Pliny, is that it’s really sweet.  Usually, sweetness is something I look for a good Imperial IPA, but this one is a little overpowering for my palette.  I think it’s worth giving a shot, but it isn’t my favorite.

Hoppin’ Out IPA
Anderson Valley’s Hoppin’ Out is a rare gem to find in DFW.  I’ve had it before a few times and it was as I remember it – delicious.  It’s creamy, it’s smooth, it’s hoppy as hell and it’s a world class example of an IPA.  If you can get your hands it on, pick up a case or ten.


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