June 8, 2023

To Infinity (Pool) and Beyond!

Infinity pools are cool.  I’ve always wanted to swim in one but I’m too poor to go to some fancy tropical resort.  Hold on, let me finish sipping this bottle of Haterade.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered what wizardry keeps the pool filled and the swimmers in it.  I used my internets to find out some information about how the infinity pool (or “negative edge pool”) works:

“A negative edge pool is an inground pool lacking one or more edges. While most pools have a definable edge surrounding them, the negative edge pool creates the illusion that the water lacking edges is supported by nothing. Europeans have used the negative edge pool design for centuries, but they did not gain popularity in the USuntil the 1950s.  [Ed. note: Americans are dumdums]

Actually, the negative edge pool has a side on the edgeless side. Achieving the edgeless look is accomplished by placing a water collection reservoir below the pool and out of sight. This is made easy when the pool is located at the top of high ground, because anything below the top is not easy to see visually. The water collection reservoir works like the rest of the pool filtration system. Any water collected is filtered back into the pool.”

(via wisegeek.com)

I still don’t understand it… so… magic.  We’ll say magic.

Here are some photos of infinity pools.  Tags: wonder; illusions, Michael!; I want to go to there.  P.S. Check out that water-walkin’, showoff bitch in the first photo.  Are you kidding me?

(all photos are from Pinterest)

 Have you ever experienced this heathen devilry?  What was the view like from the pool?  Is going to the edge really weird and scary? Enlighten me, the Oliver Twist of chic hotels.


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