February 9, 2023

This makes me really want an i-pad

When I first heard about the I-Pad I thought, “a lap top without a keyboard….weird”. Now that I have discovered some of the amazing things that people have come up with for the device, it has totally changed my attitude towards it. I would love to be able to read all of my magazines, blogs, etc on something similar in size to the Kindle but with the rich color and screen. Now you can buy keyboard and docks for the I-Pad that make it pretty much a laptop or desktop depending on how you set it up. Check out the video above. Pretty cool stuff. What are your thoughts on the I-Pad.

2 thoughts on “This makes me really want an i-pad

  1. I bashed the iPad when i first saw it but once i got to hold one it was a different story. I think before people say things like its just a giant ipod touch they should at least try one out for real.

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