February 3, 2023


Skript is one of the hardest working artists I know of in Boston right now. He combines a love of architecture with street art influences and out pops magic. In his own words: “This series of work deals with the daunting task of deciphering the future and revealing what it holds. Each piece starts as a blank surface awaiting its fate of ink line-work. The line-work is a spontaneous act of fluidity. One line is laid down and another is added to it like a city grid growing streets as a means of necessity… Color and stenciled imagery are organically infused to these streets the give character to each city. Each piece acts as its own borough conveying different commentary on our very own complex futures.”Now, I have told everyone before this will probably be your chance to cash in on a very under-priced artist. Skript let me know that every piece will be under $500, which is cool because many of these pieces take weeks to perfect.

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