June 10, 2023

NASA has been Puffin too much!

NASA Puffin_doomsday_600x337

NASA has released a design for a small, one-man, personal aircraft. The vehicle, known as the Puffin, stands just 12-feet in height and has a wingspan of roughly 14-feet. It weighs just 300 pounds, 700 pounds with your fat ass, and has vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. Designer Mark D. Moore says that the Puffin is capable of sustained speeds of 150 mph, with bursts up to 300 mph when necessary. It could also potentially reach heights of 30,000 feet and is powered by a quiet, energy efficient, electrical engine.

What’s the catch? That electrical engine doesn’t really hold much of a charge right now, so the Puffin’s effective range is roughly 50 miles. That means it might be okay for a morning commute, but don’t plan on flying off to Europe for the weekend. Plus, who the hell would want to fly himself 8 hours to Europe in a tiny bread box capsule with no latrine, movies, or peanuts? I’ve seen better ideas in the back of a Boys Life magazine!


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