February 4, 2023

Live In New York, This Saturday Night!

So, let’s say you are living in NYC and you are broke as a joke. You just met a person you are interested in and you want to impress him or her but you’re straight outta low cash. Lucky for you this Saturday, December 12th, is “The Shirt off your Back” live silk-screening Christmas party at Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn. All you have to do is bring your own t-shirt, or tote bag, or anything that is flat and printable and the artists will print the item for you and you can keep it or give it away as a cheapo Christmas gift.

Artists joining in the printing will be: Deeker, Royce Bannon, Matt Siren, Keely, Abe Lincoln Jr., Overkill studios (Philly), and Dave Tree (Boston). There will also be live-painting by Overkill Studios members Morgan Thomas and Buildmore! Sounds like a fun night.

Here’s Deeker and Auks and SYMS


Royce Bannon and Matt Siren


3 thoughts on “Live In New York, This Saturday Night!

  1. Sounds amazing. Don’t see too much of this type of thing in Boston. If I moved to NYC, I would probably start having to depend on events like this pretty quickly. Maybe I could crash at a friend’s cardboard box or stay up all night and ride the bus.

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