February 5, 2023

Kenji Nakayama Huge Stencil Woodward Gallery | L.E.S. NYC

Kenji Nakayama will probably be the cause of a few drunk driving accidents with his latest masterpiece. He is the artist responsible for the massive photo-realistic stencil across the street from the Woodward Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Kenji handcuts every layer of his work out of paper and then painstakingly spray paints each layer until the image is formed. If you want to learn how this process works, watch this video – it’s me explaining the process how Kenji explained it to me.

There are a lot of stencil artists out there but few to none do it with the style and grace of Kenji. You won’t see the obvious markings of Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace button in his work. Nakayama is famous for the tiny details that most artists would be way too lazy to cut out on their own. That’s why he is in galleries and that’s why in our humble opinion he is Numero Uno in the land of stenciling.

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