November 26, 2022
Do Ho Suh - "Home Within Home" Exhibit @ Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Do Ho Suh – “Home Within Home” Exhibit @ Lehmann Maupin Gallery

When I walked into the gallery holding this exhibit, I was on a pretty limited time schedule and forgot to pick up any paper work or ask anyone for information on the pieces, so in replacement of a proper description, here is an explanation of the show that I relayed to someone when I was drunk last week:

“So it was this enormous doll house, but everything was super tiny, but the house itself was kind of big. It was cut in half right down the middle and you could see inside, everything that was on the line where it was cut in half also got cut in half, which was super cool. Oh yeah, there was also this smaller Chinese house that must have fell from the sky and landed on part of it…? It was super crazy and it was awesome!”

Feel free to look up additional information on the exhibit, but I’m gonna stick to this.

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