February 9, 2023

Devastate Your Real Estate at Fourth Wall Project

Josh Falk went above and beyond with this work:
Josh Falk

I had the chance to get over to the latest gallery show at Fourth Wall Project on Friday night. It was an awesome show, showcasing some of the best blends of graffiti/street art backgrounds in a modern gallery setting. The show featured works by Dana Woulfe, Kenji Nakayama, Buildmore Shrines, Evoker, Mister Never, Metalwing, Dark Clouds and Josh Falk. I also spotted a few of the city’s finest graffiti and street artists just chilling and admiring their peers’ work. ALl in all it was a good night and a great setting.

Evoker’s paintings look analog with the brightness and clean lines of digital
Metalwing’s stencils on glass were mighty impressive
This is a very small section of a massive collab between Dana and Kenji
Kenji Nakayama
Any piece of art from Buildmore hanging in your space makes you look like a more interesting person than you are.
The whole gang got down on this massive wall…
the gang
Check out the showif you live near Boston. It’s cool to see what these guys can do when they have the time and space. Show runs till October 18.

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