May 28, 2023

Boston Public Archive – Boston Breweries

Boston, with a total of 31 breweries, was characterized  as the city with the highest number of breweries, per capita, in the United States in the 1900’s. Shown here are some prints advertising breweries in Boston from the Boston Pictorial Archive. This archive is the largest public collection of prints and photographs from nineteenth century Boston.  24 breweries were located in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain  on or near Columbus Avenue. within a circle of about a mile and a half. Sometimes they were located right across the street from each other, and up to three on a single city block. This density of breweries was a very unique circumstance at the time. Using  water from the Stony Brook along with the relatively cheap land after the City of Roxbury merged with Boston combined with the demand for Lager beers, drove the expansion of the industry locally.



















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